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Who we are:

  • The International Prayer Project is the mission of a non-profit making, Christian team.


  • We are dedicated to encouraging those of any religion, or none at all, to build their faith and deepen their prayer relationship with Christ, so that they can live the full and victorious life promised by God to us all.

  • The international Prayer Project is brought together by the Order of Jacobs Well. OJW are a global Christian healing ministry raising awareness of Gods kingdom worldwide . For more information please click the button below.

What we do:

  • The International Prayer Project is dedicated to sharing God’s Love and the Bible's life-changing message worldwide.


  • With the prayers and financial support of our friends around the world, we present a creative and relevant message of Christ and His intention to link up with everyone.


  • The Project teaches us how to develop a working private prayer partnership with Christ, which significantly improves all walks and experiences of life.


  • The Project Mission Team develops and distributes practical teaching resources via this website.

Meet The Team


Revd. Mike Endicott

Project Leader

  • UK Prior and Founder of The Order of Jacob’s Well.

  • Lives with his wife in Monmouth in Wales.

  • He has two children and four grandchildren.


Lloyd Smith

IT Advisor

  • Works as a Technical Business Partner for Genting UK.

  • Lives with his wife (Richard’s stepdaughter) and their two children in Warwickshire in the Midlands of England.


Richard Spicer

Project Manager

  • Director of The Order of Jacob’s Well UK and the Lead Trustee for mission.

  • Lives with his wife in Warwickshire in the Midlands of England.

  • He has three stepchildren and three stepgrandchildren.


Revd. Professor Dean Drayton


  • Is Prior of The Order of Jacob’s Well, Australia.

  • Is a retired Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia.

  • Lives with his wife in Sydney, Australia.

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